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What inspired Anna to run
for Re-Election?

Standing for a better and more inclusive Charleston County

Anna Johnson’s desire to improve the living conditions for residents of rural settlement communities and her effort to enhance the quality of life of all Sea Island citizens inspired her to run for re-election to her seat on Charleston County Council.

Anna will continue her efforts to find solutions to improve our roads, education, ease our traffic congestion, and keep Charleston County moving forward with economic development, while preserving the character of the Sea Islands for those who live, work, and play here.

The most successful and promising candidate.

Anna Johnson knows how to get things done!   Her track record of completing projects for District 8 communities speaks for itself.  Anna was instrumental in the paving of new roads, the placement of new traffic safety lights and signs and the construction of new drainage systems for flood control in various communities.

Anna fought for the residents of Johns Island when a burn pit for hurricane debris was proposed on a 95-acre site that’s close to many homes.  Anna rallied the residents of the island, and the plan for an incinerator was scrapped.  As Chair  for Public Safety,  Anna was instrumental in bringing Covid -19 testing and vaccines to all residents of the rural areas.

Anna’s Vision - Learn more about how she will continue to fight the issues for District 8 and Charleston County.

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Library Round Tables
The Roundtable Discussion is held every third Wednesday except in November and December when it is held on the second Wednesday due to the holidays. Ms Johnson has been hosting the Roundtable Discussion since she first took office in 2010 to inform the citizens in Charleston County about various services the county has to offer. She also gets input about what needs to be done in the communities.
The Election Calendar
• Election Calendar
• Primary Election - June 14th from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
• Primary Election Run-off Election – June 28th from 7am to 7 p.m.
• General Election – November 8th
Voter Mobile Units
Chairman Pryor and Vice Chair Johnson inspected the new Voter mobile unit that will travel to the rural communities during elections.

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